Amazon selling its cashier-less technology to other vendors

Contactless payment at brick and mortar stores, is favoured over using dirty germ infested cash at the moment, given recent happenings. One step further would be the “Just Walk Out” experience seen at Amazon Go stores in the US. Scan your phone at entry, pick up what you need and walk out. Cameras and sensors in store will track what you take and charge your online account. No interaction with cashiers and no waiting in queues with other people means this would also work well for social distancing. Earlier this week, Amazon announced they would be selling it’s cashier-less technology to other vendors. Will we see a quicker uptake in this type of shopping experience this side of the Atlantic in the near future? It’s possible, in the aftermath of Covid-19, that we see use of the technology for demands other than convenience and stream lined service, with members of the public remaining germ conscious.

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