Mastering the Call to Action: How we can help improve user engagement on your website

Creating a website is a great way to achieve various goals, such as sales, data collection, and social media following. But to accomplish these goals, you need to have a well-designed call to action (CTA) strategy. Most websites have multiple CTAs, but it’s essential to prioritise and differentiate them based on their importance. Too many options can lead to decision paralysis, so it’s crucial to use only two-to-three CTAs on each page of your website.

To make your CTAs stand out, you can use the Von Restorff effect. This effect suggests that an item that is noticeably different from others will be more easily remembered. You can differentiate your primary CTA from other requests using colors, size, shape, typography, placement, or other visual elements.

Remember that every page on your website should have at least one CTA, and it’s crucial to promote one CTA over others and incentivise users to take the most important action. By following these guidelines, you can optimise your CTAs to create a more effective and engaging website for your visitors.

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