Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority

IAASA is responsible for the supervision of the accounting profession in Ireland and is responsible for the oversight of statutory auditors in Ireland. IAASA also carries out a range of other activities including examining the level of compliance of certain entities, adopting standards on auditing, professional ethics and internal quality control, responsibility for the inspection of audits of Public Interest Entities and is responsible for conducting investigations of issues arising from its inspection of the audits of PIEs and referrals from overseas competent authorities.

IAASA publishes important information for the accounting profession and auditors in Ireland on a regular basis. Due to poor design, these publications were not easily accessible on the previous website, to an extent where website users would search for information from the IAASA website on Google, instead of using the on site search facility.  

Spaceship helped IAASA build a new website that is easy to navigate, modern in aesthetic and functional for both the target audiences and administrators of the website. It includes a publications search facility with filters and categories.

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