World of Wonder Toys

World of Wonder has a number of physical stores in Munster and Connaught. They operate for selling their products online. Previous to Spaceship Digital Ltd working with World of Wonder, the online effort was minimal and sold a handful of products per year. The products were taken from physical store stock. Over the past 2 years, Spaceship Digital has helped World of Wonder’s online effort which has seen sales grow from a handful per year to sales numbers now worth of a dedicated warehouse and dedicated staff managing website stock and processing online customer orders. Integrations include a stock control system, a management analytics system, a supplier’s stock control and pricing system. We are continuously monitoring and improving both warehouse operations and frontend user experiences for World of Wonder staff and customers. A recent example of an integration is where we included some functionality defined out of scope that we thought would be helpful to improve workflow of staff and increase productivity. We automated inclusion of supplier stock numbers to the eCommerce website and as an addition to this, any supplier products that are not on the Toy website but listed on the daily supplier list, we include in an email list to the client showing new products.

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