Environmental & Social Policy

We are committed to providing design and digital services that deliver exceptional quality to our clients with minimal impact to the environment. We see ourselves as a responsible and ethical organisation and as such place significant emphasis on managing and improving our environmental performance. 

We aim to reduce our environmental impact through working remotely, having a paperless office, only printing when absolutely necessary as a last resort and encouraging sustainable travel practices. 

All of our team and sub contractors work remotely. That means we don’t have an office, filled with equipment that consumes astronomical amounts of electricity. Our staff and sub contractors don’t have to commute every day, and we generate less waste, including office supplies, prepackaged food, and more. 

When meeting with clients, we will always encourage use of video conferencing. In this digital age, there is no need to travel for meetings. If we need to travel for meetings – some of us have electric cars and we encourage others to also use methods of travel that have the least impact on the environment. We have two shared office spaces, one in Limerick and one in Dublin to meet with clients on occasion when needed to meet face to face. 

The most efficient way to reduce your website’s carbon footprint is by improving its overall performance. By optimising data transfer and reducing page sizes when designing and building client websites, we can minimise environmental impact.

We do this for every single client website and go even further when they decide to host their website on Kinsta. Kinsta’s built-in caching on servers reduces the number of times that users need to load pages. Additionally, by integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on hosting plans, we help clients to optimise delivery for visitors from around the world.

The more efficient your website is, the less impact it has on the environment. Our hosting partner’s services are built to provide unmatched performance for WordPress. Best of all, that performance boost also translates to greener services.

Our own environmental policy is reviewed annually and refined to reflect any changes in our business.