Remote work tips

I’ve been working remotely for almost a decade, here’s a few tips for those being encouraged to work from home recently: you’re working from home, not Mars. Interacting with other (non infected) people during the day is allowed, even if they’re not your work colleagues. Manage your work hours efficiently and diligently but allow time for yourself, family and friends when needed. Don’t get caught up, finish your day at COB. Maintain a boundary between your work life and personal life. Keep conversations with colleagues going, use the right tools (slack etc) and schedule calls with them during the day. Get out for fresh air, exercise and eat healthy. Working remotely can be very productive if you are disciplined and not easily distracted. It’s crucial to keep focus but it’s as important to look after your physical and mental health – interact, talk, move, get out, eat well, be well.

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